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Silk & Co
Composition: 50% silk, 50% cotton.
One hank is 50 gr (1,75 ozs) - 110 m (120 yards)
Needls: US 4-6, mm 3.5-4.0, UK 10-8.
You will need only 2 hanks for beret, 5-6 for vest and 10 for cardigan.
Dry-cleaning or hand-wash in warm water and lay flat to dry.
Made in Italy.

Soft mix of silk and cotton was twisted for comfortable knitting. Only fashionable in summer pastel colors, reminding us of the charm of France: lavender, pale turquoise, muted sunlight, sky blue, pale pink... When you knit this yarn, you can feel even summer smells of Provence herbs. Silk&Co is a good choice for trendy summer beret and cardigan for fresh evenings or small fashionable vest.
Hand-dyed colors shimmer shades from very subtle to rich and your new garment looks really handmade.
And handmade as you known is a priceless.
Spruce (101-a)
Morning Whisper (102)
Mimosa (107)
Vanilla (301)
Honey (302)
Green Apple (303)
Pastel Blue (304)
Ocean Wave (305)
Lilac Grey (306)
Blue Ice (307)
Pure Grey (308)
Orchid Hush (309)
Strawberry Pink (310)
Lavender (311)
Sweet Peach (312)
Rose Water (313)
Cappuccino (314)
Lagoon (319)
Alpes (320)
Jeans: Grey (321)
Jeans: Emerald (322)
Jeans: Red (323)
Jeans: Turquoise (324)
Jeans: Blue (325)
Jeans: Spruce (327)
Jeans: New style (328)
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