Бэби альпака с шелком
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Composition: 68% alpaca, 22% silk, 10% merino extrafine.
One hank is 50 gr (1,75 ozs) - 110 m (120 yards)
Needls: US 10-11, mm 6-8, UK 4-0.
You will need only 2 hanks for beanie.
Dry-cleaning or hand-wash in warm water and lay flat to dry.
Made in Italy.

Adele is a fantastic yarn, dyed by hand with love in the fabulous mountains of nord Italy! It is based on soft thin silk mesh, into which are woven fiber baby alpaca. Combinations of silk and baby alpaca gives a truly stunning effect: the yarn is very light and airy.
Garments from Adele are very warm and soft. Also they are very light - for a sweater you will need 9-11 hanks and only 2 hanks for a beanie!

Адель - необыкновенно воздушная и мягкая пряжа из сочетания альпаки с шелком. Очень легкая , идеально подходит для кардиганов, больших шарфов, объемных шапок. Можно вязать, как в одну, так и в 2 нити. Если вы увлечены knitwear дизайном, то эта пряжа вас точно не разочарует.
Frosen Berry (552)
Macaroon (553)
Biscotti (554)
Blueberry (555)
Tiramisu (557)
Plum & Berries (559)
NY (561)
LA (110)
White (100)
Beige (200)
Coral (101B)
Spectrum Green (105A)
Mimosa (107)
Spring (122)
Autumn Chestnut (201)
Stone Rose (203)
Fusion Coral (205)
Flower Fields (206)
Early Morning (207)
Sweet Blue (204)
Spruce (101-a)
Morning Whisper (102)
Strawberry (103-a)
Mokko (104-a)
Provance (105)
Lavender Grey (106)
Green Day (202)
Carnaval (210)
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