My story: from Siberia to Italy

Hello dear knitters!

My name is Emma. I was born in Siberia. My hometown of Tomsk has winters for 6 months and temperatures as low as -30 C (-20 F). I started to knit at 6 in late 80's. And it was the only way to get new clothes. It was even difficult to buy yarn, so my mom and I used to get yarn from our old sweaters…

In 2007, I opened up my first local yarn shop in Moscow. I was follow the trends from the best yarn shops all over the world (thanks to Nina-Chicago, Purl Soho, Loopknitting etc). At that time I started publishing the Russian edition of the most famous knitting magazine from New York (many thanks to David who believed in my team!). Unfortunately later, I was forced to leave Russia because of my disagreement with the aggressor politics and propaganda.

Now my family lives in the Northern Italy and I just love this country!! I have two daughters (8 and 11) and my husband who always helps me with all my ideas! UPDATE: on the 16th of October I've born a son!!!

In Italy I worked in the yarn industry for several years. I used to creat new yarns, compositions, choose colors and their combinations. Up to this day, you can see the results of my work in the collections of yarns from the famous brands. I also really enjoyed creating all kinds of knitwear especially beanies, hats and sweaters. So for the last two years, I worked as a knitwear designer in a big company. However as you know, in the corporate world all decisions are made by the board of directors, people who never take needles and have no idea how to make a stitch. They even don't know the difference between knit and purl. In order to approve a new color, it takes up to 6 months and to start a new type of yarn - a year or even more.

That's why in January of 2016 I decided to start my own business again where I can bring any ideas to life a lot faster. As a result, now you have the benefit of trying for 4 absolutely different yarns in 40 different colors and I really love everyone and each of them. I don't plan to have 300-400 colors (like my colleagues) just because it's quite difficult to choose for any knitter.

Now I knit again every day like before. And I enjoy it even more and more! I would love to share this pleasure with you, dear knitters!!! I'm sure that «Beautiful LOLA» will become your very good friend for many years.

Thanks a lot for your time and interest!

Emma Matsuta
Founder and designer

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